Submit a bat record

Contributing to accurate records of bat activity within the Berkshire and South Buckinghamshire area is one of the key roles of the group. Please fill in the form below to add your sighting/s or roost records to the bat group database.

This information supports the work of the Records Officer to ensure development takes full account of any areas known to have bats. The presence of bats in an area does not prevent development, but requires that bats are fully considered within any plan that is proposed.

Click here for a convenient map that gives the Grid Reference for your record []. Once you have the Grid Reference use the record submission form below which automatically passes to the Site Administrator and Records Officer when you click submit.

If you have numerous records in a spreadsheet or document please email the Records Officer for advice on the format we need records(at)

Data requests

The group maintains an extensive database of records, subsets of which can be provided to ecological consultants or members of the public. We ask for a modest donation for this service which is directed entirely to the promotion of bat welfare and bat conservation.

If you would like to commission a data search, contact the Records Officer records(at)

We also contribute records, at a lower resolution, to TVERC.